Top 10 Hottest Women In Tech Now!


You might think that a tech girl translates to the kind of nerdy appearance better fit of the halls of engineering schools, but we’re here to dispel that stereotype. In honor of New York Internet Week 2010, we scouted the web to find smart, independent women who get hot and heavy with electronics on a daily basis and come out with some heat of their own. Check out our top 10 hottest women in tech now. Who says online isn’t glam?

1. Jade Raymond
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With her exotic beauty and enchanting smile, this video game producer definitely makes our cut. After graduating from McGill University, Raymond jumped into programming at Sony, where she eventually helped in the creation of Sony Onlines first Research and Development group. Later a producer of The Sims Online and Assassins Creed, the self-proclaimed avid gamer knows how to play and give patronage: She volunteers for LOVE, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending violence among youth in Canada.

2. Amanda MacKay
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This geek goddess is no stranger to the media: in fact, shes one of them. As a model, television host, and video game journalist, MacKay previously hosted the news show Pulse on G4techTV, and presently writes a gaming and tech column for Soak Magazine. As if her beauty and brains werent enough, shes into sports moonlighting as a segment host for Spike TV and hosting Hardcore Candy, an all girls action sports show that is syndicated worldwide.

3. Gina Bianchini
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Bianchini is the co-founder and former CEO of Ning, a site that allows its users to create personal social networks that cater to their individual interests and passions. The brainy brunette has also worked as a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs and been Director of Business Development and Investor Relations for the CKS Group. As an active entrepreneur, Bianchini is the prime example of the mantra do what you want, live how you want.”

4. Natali Del Conte
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Del Conte has made a name for herself as a technology contributor for the CBS Early Show, earning a place in the hearts of many for her cute face and smiley demeanor. The cherub-cheeked media maven has worked with Wired, TechCrunch, and Variety Magazine while also being a regular podcaster. She also hosts a daily newscast on CNET called Loaded. Loaded with girl next door sexiness, that is.

5. Amber MacArthur
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As CP24’s Web/Technology Specialist and host of Web Nation, MacArthur is both a hands-on webcaster and digital enthusiast. The buxom blonde is also a video podcaster, where she produces and hosts a program called commandN and co-hosts the TWiT podcast networks net@night. To celebrate her man-friendly interests, MacArthur produces and hosts a show for XBOX called “Girls Go Geek” that highlights women in technology.

6. Veronica Belmont
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Meet the ultimate geek’s wet dream. As a co-host of Tekzillaon and with various videos for CNET under her belt, Belmont is a bona fide TV-meets-tech powerhouse. As if that wasn’t enough, she also makes time to play host to the monthly PlayStation 3-based video on-demand program Qore.

7. Susan Wu93146 1276031863 Top 10 Hottest Women In Tech Now!

Wu is the CEO of, a website dedicated to creating the worlds first massively social online games. An entrepreneur who thinks outside of the proverbial box, Susan has been a founder and advisor to many successful startups, including Square and Mixer Labs/GeoAPI (which was acquired by Twitter, not too shabby). Her interests in technology are far from superficial Wu thinks of her field as a catalyst to social and economic change. As an unofficial poster girl for understated beauty she is often seen without makeup, and we dont blame her with skin that flawless, we would skip the stuff too.

8. Amanda Congdon
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This prolific vlogger (of her own series, Starring Amanda Congdon) has her hands in many projects, even hosting a video program with ABC, aptly-titled AC on ABC. It seems that the writer/actress/producer is of the feminist coup: a winner in the beauty and business departments.

9. Jessica Chobot
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If obtaining fame was as easy as licking a portable PlayStation, sales might have soared in the model demographic long before Chobot took a risqu picture of herself and her prized Sony PSP. As an overnight Internet sensation, Chobot continued to expand her horizons by becoming an on-camera host and staff writer for, a gamers haven on the web. She has also appeared on G4s Attack of the Show and has her own weekly guest spot on Maxim Radio.

10. Morgan Webb
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Embodying a gorgeous-meets-geeky persona is apparently the best of both worlds: Webb has hosted G4 Underground and posed in FHM Magazine. The hot Canadian import also helmed a monthly video game column for the magazine, fittingly titled Tips from the Gaming Goddess. Being pretty with a personality has its perks: Webb has appeared on various talk shows including The Tyra Banks Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Chelsea Lately.

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