From Hot Tubs To Cars: Top 10 Craziest Things Made of Gold

Blair Pfander
From Hot Tubs To Cars: Top 10 Craziest Things Made of Gold
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What to do if you’ve run out of luxury products to purchase? If you’re super-rich, the solution is simple: start plating stuff you already have in solid gold.
Cars, iPads, even jacuzzis—as it turns out, just about anything can be gold-plated (including an entire BMW M3).
Best of all, the gold-plating process transforms even the most mundane of objects into collector’s pieces, like the Inax Gold-Plated Regio Toilet—which actually serenades the user with music via a built-in digital sound system—or the gold-plated Canon photocopier by conceptual artist Yogi Proctor.
Here, ten wildly luxe pieces that were given the “Midas touch.”

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Gold Plated BMW M3: Looking to make a grand entrance? This gold-plated BMW M3 is sure to turn a few heads. Finished with a wide-body kit, Lambo doors and a racing wing, this flashy ride—the property of a Chinese millionaire—is the ultimate in 24 karat cool.


Gold Hot Tub: Nothing says "R & R" like recouping in a solid gold hot tub. This shimmery gold jacuzzi—estimated to cost upwards of $100,000—was conceived by Italian design firm, Arcaro Martini, and comes trimmed with leather, Swarovski crystals, and an ozone water purification system.


Gold Plated iPad: Fiddling around on your iPad is a whole lot swankier when the gadget is wrapped in 24 karat gold. Created exclusively for Harrods, this blingy iPad (which retails for $1,966) from Crystal Rocked is dipped four times to ensure extra "thickness and shine."

Photo: Crystal Rocked/Crystal Rocked

Gold Atari Controller: Gaming nerds will recognize this glitzy joystick as the Atari 2600, which was preserved in 24 karat gold by Urchin Associates. Not only is the controller completely gilded, but the designers even plated the cord and cartridge. Geeking out never looked so good.

Photo: Tech Crunch/Tech Crunch

Solid Gold Bra: We're all for fancy lingerie, but this glam gold bra—fashioned from 630 grams of pure gold and 7.5 karats of South African diamonds—is the most outrageous we've seen yet. Requiring over 2,000 hours of labor and retailing for a whopping $108,60, even Princess Leia (who lounged in a solid gold bra in "Return of the Jedi) would blush.


Gold Plated Pencil: We hereby declare gold-plated pencils a back-to-school must have for 2013. Created by Korean designer Daisung Kim, these bling Number 2 pencils, which are finished with a thin coating of pure gold and come packaged in a box shaped like a gold bar, are sure to make your lecture a little more interesting. Available at

Photo: Bizarre Bytes/Bizarre Bytes

Gold Photocopier: Show us somebody that likes making photocopies, and we'll show you Yogi Proctor, the conceptual artist who liked making copies so much he plated an entire Canon copy machine in gold.


Gold Plated Regio Toilet: This gold-plated toilet by Inax Corp is sure to add a little luxury to your most, ahem, basic of daily activities. Not only is it outfitted in gold, but the toilet automatically flushes, kills bacteria, and even plays music via a built-in digital sound system.


Gold Coffin: Hey, even the dead deserve a little opulence. This gold plated coffin by Art Funeral Italy debuted two years ago at the Verona Luxury and Yacht Show. Inside, you'll find sapphire blue velvet and—this is somewhat perplexing—a gold-plated touch screen phone.

Photo: Bizarre Bytes/Bizarre Bytes

Golden Bicycle: Scoot around town in high style with Aurumania's gold-plated track bike, which is outfitted with a leather Brooks saddle and Swarovski crystal accents. Of course, with the cost exceeding $100,000, we wouldn't advise locking it up on city streets.

Photo: Aurumania/Aurumania

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