Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Is a New Dating Show Where an Amazon Alexa Calls All the Shots

Netflix's 'Too Hot to Handle'
Photo: Netflix.

Remember when everyone thought the contestants on Love Is Blind were so attractive, it was unfair? Well, Netflix decided that wasn’t enough. The streaming platform just announced Too Hot to Handle‘s release date, cast, and trailer which shows a new dating series where everyone is, uh, literally too hot for their own good.

If you’ve watched Love Islandthe premise of Too Hot to Handle will sound plenty familiar. A squad of 10 sexy singles are invited to live in a tropical paradise for what they think will be the “most exotic and erotic summer” of their lives. But Netflix says, not so fast. These self-proclaimed “commitment-phobes” will have to forget their plans for casual hookups if they hope to win the grand prize of $100,000.

That’s right—10 “serial hot, horny swipers” have to abstain from every form of PDA—whether that’s kissing or anything more. There is to be “no kissing, no heavy petting, and no self-gratification of any kind,” according to the trailer. Unlike the pods on Love Is Blind, contestants have nothing standing between them. So when they out the conditions, things get a little (a lot) harder.

Oh, and then there’s Lana. Think of her as an Amazon Alexa-type device, who oversees every waking moment of the contestants’ lives. Her voice filters throughout their island getaway as she warns against and witnesses everything her subjects are bound to do, anyway. “This retreat is to help you gain deeper emotional connections,” the voice says, “Money will be deducted for any sexual activity.” You can imagine how that goes.

Contestants include five women (Francesca, Chloe, Rhonda, Nicole, and Haley,) and five guys (Kelz, Harry, David, Matthew, and Sharron), who are all, indeed, gorgeous. And as the trailer will reveal, it looks like there will be some easy flubs when it comes to that whole “sexual activity” ban. Good luck, and may the least horny contestant win, I guess?

All eight episodes of Too Hot to Handle land on Netflix on Friday, April 17.