TONY Talks Trends


Time Out New York chatted with Jenna Lyons and Frank Muytjens of J.Crew about some of the latest trends from super-duper high heels to tight pants on men. And, well, their answers surprised me a bit. I secretly love leggings as pants, but can you say that out loud?

Leggings as pants
Lyons: I love it! As long as they’re not cheap, poorly made ones—;or too tight.
Muytjens: I agree. Of course, we don’t ever talk about leggings on guys. I like it on girls, though, absolutely.

Teeny, tiny “It” bags
Lyons: Tiny little bags, tiny little cell phones and tiny little charms for your phone all go in the same category for me: What? I have no appreciation for them whatsoever. I have total appreciation for an evening bag, in which a girl can keep her keys, her credit card, her safety cash and her lipgloss. But I just don’t get small bags. Small bags have no reason for being.
Muytjens: I completely agree with Jenna. I don’t look at women’s bags every day, but I do notice a woman with a classic bag that can last for years and years. It’s like a woman’s signature. You don’t have to change it every month or follow the latest trends.

Lyons: No! Unless you’re Michael Phelps you cannot wear a Speedo. And if you’re Michael Phelps you’d better always wear a Speedo.
Muytjens: No, absolutely not.

What trends are you loving and which do you wish would just fade away?

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