Tommy Hilfiger Has A New Gig At “American Idol”…And Yes, We’re Serious

Liz Doupnik

tommy e13312194508491 Tommy Hilfiger Has A New Gig At American Idol...And Yes, Were Serious

Just when we thought American Idol might be slipping in the ranks due to addictive new shows like X Factor and the Voice, they pull another trick out of their bag. Tommy Hilfiger will be joining the show as the new ‘Image Advisor.’ So what does this mean? It means that the lucky finalists will be surprised with seriously awesome guidance on their own look (let’s be real, talent isn’t everything these days — ESPECIALLY when it comes to reality TV programming).

But, don’t be mistaken; this isn’t a totally blatant plug for the designer’s namesake line. He’ll be analyzing each finalists’ look and music and fitting them in clothes that are a natural next step (his pieces or other designers who might work better). If you think he seems like an odd choice, you’ll find yourself, well, wrong. Hilfiger has led his own reality show, the Cut, in 2004, and who could forget Rich Girls, the MTV reality show that followed his emotional and totally loveable daughter, Ally?

Then there’s the fact that he’s dressed musicians from personal favorites like the Rolling Stones to even Britney Spears. We have to admit, he seems pretty flippin’ qualified for the gig. Now if we could just get him to swing by our office…