Tom Hiddleston Swears Relationship with T. Swift Isn’t a Publicity Stunt



The never-ending Hiddleswift relationship saga continues with this gem: Tom Hiddleston told The Hollywood Reporter that his relationship with Taylor Swift is very much the real deal: “The truth is that Taylor Swift and I are together, and we’re very happy … It’s not a publicity stunt.”

Because all celebrity couples date for three weeks and splash around in the ocean wearing T-shirts that proclaim their love for one another; meet the parents; say the L-word; possibly get engaged; and, of course, furiously refute all rumors that their love isn’t 100 percent real.

It just seems like they’re spending a lot of time letting the world know how they feel about one another, rather than, y’know, getting to know each other. But hey, if it’s that important for Hiddleswift that we all play along with their staged super-sweet romance, we’ll go with it.

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