Tom Hiddleston Didn’t Go on the Record About Taylor Swift, Regardless of What You Might Have Heard

No one can get enough of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift right now, so when Belgian radio station Qmusic posted an interview purportedly about their new relationship, the internet went wild. But—sorry, Hiddleswift fans—though some news outlets are reporting it as fact, the whole thing was just for publicity a “joke,” E! News confirmed. The station spliced together audio clips from old interviews to make it appear that Hiddleston was going on the record about his budding romance.

Asked how he would describe his relationship, the station had him respond, “I would describe it as a roller-coaster ride of action and spectacle, and lots of laughs.” Though that was Hiddleston’s voice, his comments were taken out of context, and he did not call in to discuss Swift. To top things off, they had him “respond” to the question “What’s she like, Taylor Swift? What kind of a woman is she?”

“Oh, she is an absolute delight,” the station had him respond. “She’s got such a wicked sense of humor, and she’s really fun to have around. She’s really great.”

Though everyone is rather flummoxed about Swift and Hiddleston’s new relationship, it seems as though it’s definitely happening, despite what many of us assumed when those kissing pics first surfaced last week. But Hiddleston isn’t so oblivious as to publicly discuss Swift—at least, not yet. But at this accelerated rate, it’s only a matter of time.

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