Behold: Tom Hiddleston Just Shared His First-Ever Instagram Post

%name Behold: Tom Hiddleston Just Shared His First Ever Instagram Post


Tom Hiddleston has been dating Instagram’s former most-followed woman, Taylor Swift, for nearly two months now, so it’s only natural that the actor finally decided to join the app. Better late than never, Hid.

His first Instagram post—a selfie, no less!—came on Tuesday morning with the caption “He’s back” alongside a snap that, judging by his hair and costume, appears to be from the set of the upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok” movie, which will hit cinemas next October. In the flick, Hiddleston plays Loki, the adopted brother and arch-enemy of Thor.

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Although he’s not quite at Swift’s 88 million follower count (yet), Hiddleston already has 102,000 Instagram followers, despite the account only existing for a matter of hours and the fact that he’s only shared one photo. Right now, he’s also following a grand total of zero people—not even his new girlfriend made the cut.

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