Tom Ford’s “A Single Man”….Not Like That Though


Tom Ford (who’s looking more and more like Julian McMahon who plays Christian Troy in Nip/Tuck) has assembled a power entourage for his Hollywood debut. Tom Ford’s cohorts? Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Matthew Goode (the hot guy from Brideshead Revisited, yeah I just IMDB’ed him too). This is the point in the article where I imagine Tom Ford literally high kicking a club door open, holding a power stance in the door frame in his suit jacket with no shirt underneath (obviously) and basking in the attention of a crowd waiting for this directorial entrance with bated breath.  Cue screaming and dramatic fanning.

With Tom Ford as the director, the four are collaborating on a movie adaptation of the Christopher Isherwood novel “A Single Man” about a gay man who tries to carry on his usual day after the unexpected and sudden death of his partner.

Surprisingly though, Tom Ford delegated the responsibility of costumes to Arianne Phillips, who is Madonna’s personal stylist and the costume designer of Walk the Line. Wait. What? Scantily cladding Madonna and making Reese Witherspoon look homely. Umm… Most diverse resume ever…? I’m down.

Of course, Mr. Ford would not leave out the set and production designers from Mad Men to create the appropriate ambiance and aesthetic for his film. While Mad Men is probably that show you TiVo, but never watch because you can’t decide if Don Draper’s hot or goofy, you are probably aware of it’s tone, which should properly suit the masculine sexiness we all associate with Tom Ford.

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