Need a Gift For Your Boyfriend? Tom Ford is Launching Sneakers

Following the sporty steps of designer labels Isabel Marant, Céline, and Chanel, it comes as no surprise that Tom Ford is slipping into the sneaker game, although—sniff—this time, it’s strictly for men. According to WWD, the luxury designer’s debut sneaker collection will offer both high-top and low-top styles in seven leather colors, and five in velvet. Before you get too excited that you’ve found the perfect gift for your guy, though, get ready for some serious sticker shock: The most expensive style retails for nearly $1,000.

fs tom ford02 Need a Gift For Your Boyfriend? Tom Ford is Launching Sneakers

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Why the high price? Because these aren’t your average tennis shoes.  In true Tom Ford fashion, every pair is made in an Italian workshop by an artisan cobbler who spends one full week stitching, polishing, and “resting” the leather for 10 days.  The shoes are then hand-polished for three more days.  That’s a total of 20 days of work to create just one pair. Factor in the obvious markup you’ll pay for the Tom Ford name, and hit $690 for the velvet low-tops and a whopping $990 for the leather high-tops.

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The only justification we have about spending that much on sneakers, is that men—unlike women—don’t have that many choices when it comes to footwear, so you know he’ll be reaching for these on a pretty regular basis.

If you do have the cash to invest, the kicks will be available this fall at Tom Ford stores in New York, Las Vegas, LA, Chicago, and Dallas.

fs tom ford03 Need a Gift For Your Boyfriend? Tom Ford is Launching Sneakers


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