Tom Ford Is Responsible For Justin Timberlake’s New Straight Hairstyle (And Style Evolution)

Spencer Cain

Last year, Jessica Biel revealed that her husband Justin Timberlake was behind most of her style choices—especially her serious evolution on the red carpet—and we wondered if that influence went both ways. As it happens, Biel can’t claim credit for Timberlake’s red carpet persona, since Tom Ford is apparently the one making the calls on the star’s style—particularly his new hairdo.

Earlier this year, after Timberlake’s appearance at the Grammys, many began to question his new straight, pompadour-esque hairstyle, which is clearly a product of some blow-drying and a relaxer. After all, he made his mark on the music industry with curly (and often bleached blonde) locks. Many may have loved his former ‘do, but Tom Ford apparently didn’t. The designer, with whom Timberlake has recently been collaborating, told The New York Times: “I happen to like the hair straighter.” Clearly, Ford’s passion for hair straightener has rubbed off on his style protege.

While Ford may not have felt that Timberlake’s curly hairstyle fit in with the modern-day Cary Grant image the two have been working to create, one thing certainly did: his body. Ford praised Timberlake’s physique in the Times article, asking, “Have you ever seen the body?”

Clearly, both men are benefiting from working together in different ways; JT gets the most prestigious stylist a man could ever want, and Ford gets a 32-year-old pop star that he can treat as a Barbie doll.

The details of the collaboration are still left relatively unexplained in the article itself, but considering the author of the piece refers to Timberlake as a “Tom Ford creation,” it’s safe to say that Ford’s pulling all the style strings.