Tom Cruise’s Net Worth & ‘Mission: Impossible’ Salary Make Him One of the Richest Actors in the World

Tom Cruise
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As one of the world’s highest-paid actors, it should probably come as no surprise that Tom Cruise’s net worth is astronomical. But how astronomical are we talking? And how much does his salary from the Mission: Impossible franchise factor into his net worth? Let’s get into these details below.

By way of a little background, Cruise obviously wasn’t always on Forbes’ Highest-Paid Actors list. The Mission: Impossible hero got his start in Hollywood in the 1980s, landing small roles in films like 1981’s Endless Love and 1983’s The Outsiders. Before long though, the actor started booking lead roles in a smattering of box-office hits—eventually leading him to the famous role of superspy Ethan Hunt in 1996’s reboot of Mission: Impossible. The rest is history! But if you’re interested in finding out extra details about just how much he makes on the Mission: Impossible films, along with what Tom Cruise’s net worth in 2020 is now, just keep on reading.

How much does Tom Cruise make from his Mission: Impossible movies?

As the franchise’s leading man, it makes sense that Cruise is making a hefty salary for each of his Mission: Impossible films. According to CelebrityNetWorth, Cruise makes most of his money from the franchise from box office cuts, though he’s also paid a huge upfront flat fee.

In 1996’s first film of the franchise, Cruise made a total of $70 million. By the release of 2000 and 2006’s second and third films, Cruise was making a total of $75 million each (which is apparently made up of 30% of the gross box office earnings as per Cruise’s back-end deal). For Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol in 2011, Cruise made an additional $70 million, $12 million of which was his upfront salary.

Back-end details aren’t available for 2015’s Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, the fifth film in the series, but we do know the film still saw him earning an upfront salary bump up to $25 million. The same can be said for the Mission: Impossible series’ latest film, Fallout. For that film, Cruise is estimated to have earned $28 million upfront. But judging by its over $220 million in gross box office sales throughout its release, we’d wager that Cruise earned a pretty astronomical payout in 2018.

Add this all together (and, keep in mind, we don’t know all of his back-end earnings), Cruise has made at least $285 million from the Mission: Impossible films alone. Oof!

What is Tom Cruise’s net worth in 2020?

According to multiple net worth calculators, Tom Cruise’s net worth in 2020 is estimated to be anywhere between $550 to $600 million.

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