Tom Cruise Secretly Dating Laura Prepon: Report

Meghan Blalock

Here’s your jaw-dropping celebrity dating story for the day: according to reports picked up by Page Six, Tom Cruise and Laura Prepon have been secretly dating for some time now. Let that sink in for a moment.

Back in November, the two were allegedly spotted having a “cozy dinner” at Los Angeles’ Manor Hotel, Page Six reports, but both actors’ PR reps denied any romantic involvement at the time. But according to Page Six celebrity writer Richard Johnson, his “source on the Left Coast” confirms that the two are still seeing each other, and that it’s “quite the buzz” on the set of Prepon’s hit Netflix show “Orange Is the New Black.”

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If it seems super-random on the surface, the two have at least one strong bond that might have brought them together, whether on their own or by the hands of others: They’ve both been Scientologists for years. They’ve both independently spoken openly to the press about their devotion to the religion, which for Cruise is already an upgrade—his previous wife Katie Holmes converted to Scientology after they were married, at his insistence.

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Update: According to E!, the report that these two are dating is “false,” and that in fact, the two have never even met. Juicy!