Why Did Tom Brady Just Release a $200 Cookbook?

tom brady Why Did Tom Brady Just Release a $200 Cookbook?


Tom Brady is many things: man, husband, athlete, father, nightshade-free-diet advocate. But he’s also the creator of a program called TB12, designed to make Brady a lot of money help athletes stay in peak condition. And today he’s also the proud creator of a $200 TB12 “nutrition manual” that is actually just a cookbook.

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Available online right now, TB12™ Nutrition Manual is described as a “living document” that contains “information about [Brady’s company TB12’s] nutritional philosophies and a library of 89 seasonally inspired recipes.” Struggling to justify the price tag? It might help to know the book has “unique screw-post binding” and a cover made from natural wood. It’s also printed on 100-pound text paper, which is important for your health and diet.

In terms of recipes, you can expect to find avocado ice cream, sweet-potato gnocchi, carrot cake, and more healthy ideas that are readily and freely available to you on Pinterest. And, we assume, plenty of nightshade-free ways to cook. Eat your heart out.

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