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TATB 2’s Lana Condor Chooses the Better Kisser: Noah Centineo or Jordan Fisher

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TATB 2’s Lana Condor Chooses the Better Kisser: Noah Centineo or Jordan Fisher

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You follows Lara Jean as she chooses between her boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky, and her childhood crush, John Ambrose McClaren. In the spirit of the movie, we had To All the Boys 2‘s Lana Condor pick between Noah Centineo and Jordan Fisher (a.k.a. the actors who play Lara Jean’s love interests) on the set of her StyleCaster Self-Love cover shoot. Among the questions we asked her: Who makes her break character the most? Who has the messier trailer? And, of course, who’s the better kisser?

“I’ve kissed Noah more because he does play Lara Jean’s boyfriend. But Jordan has, like, these big, beautiful lips!” Condor said of which actor is the better kisser. “I don’t know! These are hard questions! It’s kind of what are you feeling that day.”

When To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before premiered on Netflix in 2018, the movie became an instant hit, with more than 80 million streams. (It was also Netflix’s most-watched original movie of 2018.) Though it was a favorite of teens across the world, the film was criticized by many who wanted to see Lara Jean with a love interest of color. Though that wish was fulfilled when mixed-race actor Jordan Fisher was cast as John Ambrose McClaren in P.S. I Still Love YouTo All the Boys’ much-anticipated sequel, which premieres on Netflix on February 12—Condor told StyleCaster on the set of her Self-Love cover shoot that Fisher was simply the best character for the role. The fact that he’s an actor of color is simply a bonus.

“Jordan was by far the best for the role. He was the John Ambrose McClaren that I saw in my head when I read the book,” Condor told StyleCaster. “That he happens to be a man of color is only a positive thing because it continues to show what the world looks like.” 

Condor also explained that Fisher was the best John Ambrose she read with because he embodied the character’s charm and sensitivity rather than Peter’s macho-ness, which many of the actors she auditioned with tried to copy. “The majority of the guys I read with came in trying to be exactly like Noah. They figured, it worked for Noah, so it should work for us. That was the wrong choice because John Ambrose is the antithesis to Peter Kavinsky,” Condor told StyleCaster. “I’ve talked about my chemistry read with Noah a million times. But I always say that I knew in that moment that he was the Peter Kavinsky. I had the same feeling with Jordan.”

Watch Lana Condor choose superlatives between Noah Centineo and Jordan Fisher in the video above.

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