TLC: What Not To Wear- Carmindy


SC: What would you title your memoir?

C: “Create Your Own Destiny.”

SC: Do you have a signature recipe? If so, can you share it with us?

C: My Balls Of Joy!!! It was my grandmother’s recipe and they are sweet round balls of love, but the ingredients are a secret.

SC: What was your first AIM screen name?

C: Carmindy.

SC: Where is your next travel destination?

C: Stockholm.

SC: What is your favorite city to work in and what is your favorite city to live in?

C: Work globally and live in NY.

SC: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

C: Being the Mary Kay of today.

SC: Are you planning on writing more books on beauty?

C: But of course….I’m working on 4 and 5 now, but it’s a secret.

SC: What books are you reading now?

C: How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer. It’s a book about learning how to balance your emotional and your rational sides of the mind when decision-making.

SC: What’s playing on your iPod right now?

C: Kings of Leon, Muse, and Stereophonics.

SC: iPhone or Blackberry?

C: iPhone.

SC: Favorite flower?

C: Plumeria/frangipani.

SC: Do you have a signature scent? What is it?

C: I mix a combo of three different ones. A plumeria scent I bought in Bora Bora mixed with Frederic Malle Lys Mediterranee and a dab of honey oil from a small perfumery in Mexico.

SC: What are your top three can’t-live-without beauty products?

C: My Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy Your Skin Makeup, Blinc Kiss Me Mascara, and Crme de la Mer.

SC: If you could pick anyone to work with, who would it be?

C: There are so many inspirational women I’d love to work with I can’t choose just one.

SC: What are some of your beauty secrets?

C: Never ever go to sleep without washing and moisturizing your face, wear sunscreen all year long and scrub your face and body with white sugar in the shower.

SC: What inspires you?

C: Women, travel, and the ocean.

SC: If you could time travel to any period, which would it be?

C: That is a toss up between the disco ’70s for the fab clothes, and ancient Greece when we all looked like goddesses.

SC: What was your favorite moment on TLC’s What Not To Wear?

C: There are so many, but usually it’s when a woman will make me cry because they are so overwhelmed with the realization that they are beautiful.

SC: What are your plans for expansion?

C: World domination, think global!