‘Tis The Season, Share Your #HolidayGood With @StyleCaster

Jessica Rubin

It seems people are embracing the true meaning of the holidays this year. A phenomenon has started at Kmart stores across the country, reminding us all that charity and selflessness still exist. Many families that can’t afford gifts and clothes for their children take advantage of Kmart’s layaway system, where they can pay off their purchases in a series of small payments. Anonymous strangers have been calling Kmart stores and paying off people’s layaway accounts, making it possible for struggling families to provide for their children this holiday season.

The numerous accounts of charitable gifts outlined in The Washington Post‘s article left us feeling happy and in the mood to give back ourselves. We know that countless acts of charity and good are done throughout the holiday season, and we want to hear your stories. To share your good deed with us, tweet your story to @StyleCaster and use the hashtag #HolidayGood. At the end of the month we’ll put together a slideshow of our stylistas’ holiday giving and post them on our site!

So jump in and help spread the love, it’ll leave you feeling happier than any pair of shoes you can score at the Barneys sale.