Tired Of Waiting? Here Are 5 Ways Beyoncé Can Induce Labor

Jessica Rubin

It seems like the whole world is on the edge of one large, collective seat waiting for Beyonc to hurry up and give birth hip hop’s next prince or princess. There are soo many questions we want answered, like what will the baby look like? What will the name be? Who’s gonna snag the first pics of this famous-in-utero child?

But until Beyonc goes into labor, all we can do is sit and wait. Which we’re (sigh) so tired of. So Beyonc, if you’re out there, here are 5 ways you can get the process started!

1. Having an orgasm: Ok, if you’re a Friends freak like we are here at StyleCaster, you’ll remember this from Rachel’s high-larious birthing episode. Yes, it’s true. Having an orgasm can kick-start the labor process. See, not the entire pregnancy process is unpleasant.

2. Balsamic Vinegar: If you’re a believer in the power of a condiment, than you’ll be excited to know that adding an extra dash of balsamic to your salad can get your contractions going.

3. Bumpy car ride: Okay Bey, throwJay-Z in the Porsche and take a quick ride down the BQE and your problem should be solved by the time you hit your third pothole.

4. Galloping: We included this one because the image of a supremely pregnant woman imitating a horse’s gallop is hysterical.

5. Yoga: There’s nothing more bougie (or so pretentious) than hitting up your yoga class to induce labor. Perfect for a queen bee OR a Queen Bey.

Image courtesy ofMCMULLAN CO/SIPA.