Tips And Tricks For A Successful Cyber Monday

Jessica Rubin

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, kids, and there’s nothing people won’t do for a good deal. Black Friday is famous for rowdy crowds and extreme tactics, but with the boom of online shopping, Cyber Monday is shaping up to be a pretty fiesty web-based battle in itself.

Here at StyleCaster we know the importance of a good sale, so to ensure that you have a happy Cyber Monday we have a few tips to help you fight the virtual crowds. Scroll on down for our very own guerilla online shopping guide.

1. Take time to price compare: Many take the prices at online discount websites like Ideeli and Gilt at face value. But often times you can find an equal or lower price somewhere else. Also, be sure to take shipping into consideration. If you can find an item for the same price somewhere else where shipping is included, that’s probably a better bet if you’re looking to cut costs (and who isn’t?).

2. Go in with a game plan: It’s easy to get distracted by sales and deals. But when you end up buying items that you don’t need or might not use, you run the danger of spending money that could be better used on products you actually need. Make a list and stick to it.

3. Early bird gets the worm: Just like on Black Friday, sales will start early tomorrow. There’s sure to be hoards of shoppers scouring the internet, so the earlier you get started, the more likely it is you’ll snag the items you’re coveting the most.

4. One size does not fit all: If you’re buying clothes for other people, make sure to check the return policy. Given many designer sites offer European or vanity sizing, it might not be a safe bet to gamble on a shirt or coat that can’t be returned any later than 2-3 weeks after purchase.

5. Do a little ‘window shopping’: If you know which sales you’ll be hitting up, try placing the items you want in a basket a couple of hours before the sales starts. Then, when the time comes, go back and refresh your basket. If the deal applies to your items, it’ll be applied once the sale starts.

6. Divide and conquer: Team up with a friend or a coworker to hit two different sites at the same time. If she can purchase something you need and vice versus, this should cut down on both your holiday shopping stress (that is, until the bill comes).

7.Make sure to test your browser beforehand: Some special store promos might not load properly if you’re trying to buy on FireFox or Google Chrome (especially if they’re operating on a flash platform). When it doubt, stick to IE to save yourself the headache.

Happy Shopping!

Image courtesy of Inquisitr