This Instagram Account Shows You All the Olympians on Tinder Right Now

If you’re in Rio for the Olympics and you’re single, good news: Now is your time to swipe right on a pro athlete on Tinder. Apparently there are so many of them, the Instagram account SportSwipe has dedicated an entire account to documenting the Tinder accounts of Olympians, called RioSwipe. It’s only a day old, and it already has 110 posts, so—yeah, shouldn’t be too hard to find an athlete in Rio.

If you’re like most of us, this is decidedly a spectator sport, but that doesn’t take (all of) the fun out of it. We’ve spotted superstars including Ryan Lochte (U.S., swimming), Dustin Brown (Germany, tennis), Madeline Groves (Australia, swimming), Rickie Fowler (U.S., golf), and Michelle Coleman (Sweden, swimming), among many others. It seems as though the probability that you’re on Tinder increases if you’re a swimmer.

For the most part, RioSwipe captures just an image (or two, or three) from each athlete’s Tinder, but track cyclist Shannon McCurley‘s tagline somehow wound up on her screenshot. And somehow it is, “I’m afraid of he dark… Can I sleep with you?” [sic]. Even if that’s a joke, we’re cringing.

Lochte was frank about his online dating habit with Cosmopolitan last month, though he said he’s done with Raya and Bumble. In regard to Tinder, he said, “I heard it took off in Sochi [at the 2014 Winter Olympics] and then people were talking about it and I was like, ‘Let me try this.'” That’s right: Tinder was such a hit during the last Olympic season that Ryan Lochte decided to make himself a profile. “So I got on it and I’ve been matching up with a bunch of gorgeous women who are smart, they have professional jobs and everything. I’m like, ‘Wow, this is perfect.’ So I’ve been on Tinder lately. So far I haven’t had any dates or anything. I’ve just been talking with a couple [women].”

Ladies, you heard it here: If you’re gorgeous, smart and have a professional job and everything, you’re Lochte’s type. If not, perhaps you can try your hand with one of the other zillion athletes on Tinder. Or just have fun scrolling through the feed and realizing that even Olympians look silly in most Tinder pics.