Why You’ll Be Able to Hook Up With Real Celebrities on Tinder

Leah Bourne
tinder Why Youll Be Able to Hook Up With Real Celebrities on Tinder

Photo: Via Tinder

Good news for fans of dating app Tinder: The company is going to begin verifying profiles of its celebrity users (yes, apparently Tinder has celebrity users) in a similar fashion to the way that Twitter handles celebrities.

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Normal folks have to sign up for Tinder with their Facebook account, and the app then pulls that persons Facebook photos and information before matching them up with people. Tinder CEO Sean Rad told The Hollywood Reporter, it’s not as easy for celebs. “Sometimes celebrities use different names on Facebook,” he shared, and most people therefore assume that the celebrity is a fake. The new verification program “will allow celebrities to enter Tinder in a different way.” Rad thinks that Tinder and celebs are a good match because the app “gives them the control to filter through the noise and communicate with people they want to know.”

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Surprised that celebrities need to use a dating app to meet people? You’re probably not alone, but there is evidence that some notables do actually use the app.

Lindsay Lohan and and Jamie Kennedy have spoken out about being fans of the app. Josh Groban and an engaged Ashton Kutcher are also reportedly on Tinder. The app was also a huge hit among athletes at this year’s Olympic games in Sochi. Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson said during the Sochi games that “Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level.” Rad told the Wall Street Journal that Tinder saw a 400 percent day-over-day hike in growth during the Olympics.

Tinder was formed out of a startup incubator owned by Barry Diller’s IAC in 2012, and first debuted at various college campuses. Today the app has more than 750 million profiles and makes more than 10 million new matches a day. This move to verify celebrity users is just the latest sign that Tinder has a strong hold on all things pop culture.

And while Twitter’s influential celebrity users generate activity on the social platform, and thus have been instrumental to the platform’s success, this news from Tinder feels more like a marketing ploy from the app that has eschewed traditional advertising in favor of word of mouth growth—how many celebrities is the average user really going to come across? Still, we can’t help but think that the lure of being matched with someone famous will get some of Tinder’s most active users swiping even more than they already do.