Timo! Celebrates in Iceland


I received the following email from one of my most dapper friends, Timo Weiland, in my inbox on Friday: “CareBear! Want to be spontaneous and come join me here in Reykjavik for the party!?! We would have a lot of FUN! I hope you will at least consider it, darling…” Said party being the Iceland Airwaves cocktail in celebration of the latest timo! by Dot capsule collection of eco-friendly fashion accessories, including his chic line of colorful wallets.

Sadly, I was not able to hop a plane and fly off to Iceland to join him, but it looks like I missed quite the bash. Enviously perusing the party pictures this morning, I repeatedly cursed myself for not immediately cancelling all weekend plans in favor of an overseas celebration. There’s nothing I hate more than missing a good party.

It seems that everyone fab in town was in attendance including iconic fashion photographer Yvan “the FaceHunter” Rodic, Gnarrenburg’s star comedian Jón Gnarr, pop-sensation Ylfa Magnusdottir, KronKron founders Magni and Hildurun Þorsteinsson (KronKron is a high-end fashion and design store which is often referred to as “the Colette of Iceland”), and of course, our very own Timo Weiland with his design collaborators Frosti Gnarr Gunnarsson and Brynjar Sigurðarson.

Oh well, let bygones be byones, as they say. I definitely won’t make the mistake of missing another party hosted by my fab friend again. Good thing his presentation of luxury neckwear is coming up soon–rest assured you’ll be hearing about it in full first-person detail.


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