Kylie and Kendall Make Time’s List of the 30 Most Influential Teens

kendall and kylie jennerPhoto: Getty Images

No matter how accomplished you are in your field, here’s something that’ll knock you down a few pegs: There are teenagers out there doing better than you. Thirty of them, to be exact, according to Time magazine’s official list of 2015’s Most Influential Teens.

While we were postponing homework to watch Friends and play Nintendo during our adolescence, the young folks on this list are running lucrative fashion companies, performing at the Grammys, penning viral essays about intersectional feminism (seriously), hanging out with President Obama, or—in the case of 16-year-old headline-maker Flynn McGarry—running a wildly successful restaurant. All before they’re old enough to congratulate themselves with a stiff drink.

First Daughter Malia Obama, 17, made the list for her status as a modern-day cultural icon, as did Olivia Hallisey, 17, a high school student who invented a new way to test for Ebola without refrigeration or electricity, and Malala Yousafzai, 18, Nobel Peace Prize winner and advocate for female education.

A handful of familiar entertainers and celebrities made the cut, too, including 17-year-old Modern Family actress Ariel Winter, 19-year-old former Disney star Zendaya, 13-year-old Sia muse and dancer Maddie Ziegler, and—of course—Kendall and Kylie Jenner (yep, they’re still just teenagers).

To determine this year’s list, Time considered who had won awards across a number of different fields, as well as the individual’s global impact through social media and their ability to nab a headline.

Head over to Time to see the full list—and try not to feel too bad about your accomplishments when you do.