A Timeline of the Most Memorable Oscars Jewelry Moments Through the Ages

Lorein Abenhaim

oscars jewerly ages A Timeline of the Most Memorable Oscars Jewelry Moments Through the Ages
Stars go all out for Hollywood’s biggest night, the Academy Awards. From the first bauble loaner to a dog bejeweled, we bring you a timeline of Oscar night’s most memorable jewelry moments. While the Oscars tend to be filled with surprises, there’s one thing we know for sure, the Oscars shine on.
1944: Harry Winston set the trend to loan out diamonds for the Academy Awards. In 1944 Jennifer Jones shined in loaner Harry Winston diamonds as she accepted a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in The Song of Bernadette.
1954: Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy gown that she wore to the 1954 Oscars may be one of the most influential fashion moments of all time, and she wore simple diamond and pearl earrings to complement the look.
1968: Natalie Wood wore statement drop earrings to the Oscars, setting a trend where more is more.
1970: Elizabeth Taylor graced the Oscars in 1970 wearing a Harry Winston diamond necklace with a massive 69.42-carat pear shaped diamond that hung at her chest. Lindsay Lohan can only dream of being so glamorous. Taylor later sold the diamond in 1978 for $3 million and used the money to build a school in Botswana.
1971: In 1971, Ali MacGraw wore a crochet cap and a diamond choker to the Oscars looking comfortable, relaxed and perfectly bohemian. Boy, have times changed.
1988: In one of the most memorable fashion moments of all time, Cher donned a Cleopatra inspired Bob Mackie creation with black shoulder length earrings to accept her Oscar for Moonstruck. She may have landed on worst dressed lists the world over, but the trend for long tasseled earrings stuck.
1991: Madonna wore a reported $20 million in Harry Winston diamonds to the Oscars in 1991. She then left the Harry Winston team in shock when she tossed her earring to the crowd, as she sang “Sooner or Later” from the movie Dick Tracy. They sighed in relief when they found out she had worn fakes to perform.
1994: Sharon Stone must have felt a tad humiliated in 1994 when she mistakenly believed Harry Winston gave her a $500,000 necklace to wear to the Oscars. Sorry Stone, Winston doesn’t gift.
1998: We guess Harry Winston didn’t like James Cameron’s idea of throwing the “Heart of the Ocean” into the Atlantic. Gloria Stuart, who was nominated for her role in Titanic, walked the red carpet with two Harry Winston bodyguards and a 15-carat blue diamond necklace worth $20 million, the most expensive Oscars jewelry moment in history.
1999: Leave it to Cate Blanchett to strut the red carpet in $110,000 worth of diamonds on the strap of her Jimmy Choos. The 1999 Academy Awards will forever be remembered for Blanchett’s sparkling ankle.
2000: Hilary Swank wore a Asprey & Garrard diamond bib for the 2000 Academy Awards, reportedly worth over $250,000. Interestingly, the necklace was actually created for one of Queen Victoria’s daughters in 1890, and can be turned into a tiara.
2001: Catherine Zeta-Jones opted for a 50-carat aquamarine H. Stern necklace worth $160,000 for the 2001 Oscars. The day after the Oscars, a man called the jewelry house asking to buy the pricey necklace for his granddaughter’s sweet 16. While H. Stern didn’t give the grandfather the real deal, the jeweler made a knockoff for him.
2010: Robert Downey Jr. showed up in blue to the 2010 Oscars. He wore a light blue bowtie and flaunted a diamond dial Harry Winston watch with a navy strap. He kept his outfit intact after eating a cheeseburger post-event and heading to Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show.
2011: When Anne Hathaway hosted the Oscars with James Franco in 2011, Tiffany & Co. was rumored to have paid the star $750,000 to wear $10 million of their jewelry on the red carpet.
2011: Dogs and expensive jewelry don’t usually go hand in hand. That changed in 2011, when Chopard designed an 18-carat yellow gold and satin collar for The Artist dog Uggie. After its red carpet appearance, the collar was auctioned off for charity.
2011: In 2011, Colin Firth wore a Chopard watch to scoop up his Oscar for The King’s Speech. For nine consecutive years, starting in 2004 with Charlize Theron wearing Chopard to accept her Oscar for Monster, there has been an Oscar winner wearing Chopard.

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