Timeless Style Tips From “Mad Men’s” Costume Designer


It’s no question that ’60s television drama, Mad Men, has had an astounding effect on fashion over the past few years. The woman responsible for curating the closets of Betty, Peggy and Joan has already collaborated with Banana Republic to create a collection inspired by our favorite characters and now, the wildly talented costumer designer, Janie Bryant, has published a book chock-full of personal style tips for both men and women alike looking to refine their day-to-day ensembles.

First off, when it comes to adding vintage to your wardrobe, Janie suggests centering outfits around a single standout piece. As she says, “Vintage is a lot like drinking martinis (…) a little goes a long way.” She also stresses paying attention to tailoring and making sure to take proper care of delicate garments – that means no more tossing everything into a single load of laundry and subsequently rolling it up into those wrinkly balls in your dresser.

Bryant also wants us to “play dress up” on the weekends in order to flex our creative muscles and push the boundaries of our ensembles. Now, there’s something I can definitely get behind.

Most importantly, however, Janie emphasizes “using your instinct and intuition” when it comes to personal style. A clever tip she offers for the terrible instance of outfit-block is to “choose a body part to show off” and work the ensemble around that. This seems like a promising quick fix that I’m planning on giving a whirl the next time I’m drawing one of those hazy, early morning blanks in front of a closet full of clothes.

I don’t know about you, but this sneak peek of Bryant’s advice has only got me itching for more. Do you think Amazon would be able to teleport a copy to my coffee table, like now?