Watch Tilda Swinton’s Weird New Fashion Film for British Tailor Timothy Everest

Meghan Blalock

Tilda Swinton is probably one of the most unique characters in both fashion (Karl Lagerfeld thinks so, at least) and film, so it makes total sense to us that she would marry these two fields in an appropriately bizarre way for her newest fashion film, “Findhorn.” Created for a collaborative line between British bespoke tailor Timothy Everest and Japanese tattoo artist Horiyoshi III, the clip is directed by photographer Johnnie Shand Kydd, who happens to be Princess Di’s stepbrother.

In the four-minute film, which “explores the essence of bespoke and its effects on the wearer,” Swinton is seen wandering around aimlessly in the woods, nuzzling with moss-covered rocks, and spreading out her formidable arms to (we assume) feel the breeze blowing through her custom sleeves.

Then, about two minutes in, the film takes an even weirder turn—we won’t spoil it, but watch the clip above to see Tilda in her incredibly weird natural habitat.

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