8 Black Fashion Creators To Follow On TikTok Immediately

8 Black Fashion Creators To Follow On TikTok Immediately
Photo: Courtesy of trendycurvy; tomarthomas; definitelytai/Instagram.

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Once upon a time, I used to pull all my fashion inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. Now, there’s a new social media platform to add to the list. You guessed it: TikTok. TikTok has really come through with the fashion game and these Black fashion creators are proof! Gone are the days when the app was only good for viral dance content and funny skits—now, it’s one of my go-to spots when I’m looking for styling tips, outfits ideas and more.

The best part about TikTok is how easy it is to find a multitude of influencers and content creators. But although it has its benefits, you don’t have to rely on the algorithm to find them for you. All I had to do was comb through some hashtags to find my daily dose of fashion inspo! As you use the app more and more, you tend to learn who really resonates with you, and with fashion in particular, there are certain TikTok creators that have really nailed their style and know exactly how to share it with their audiences in a captivating way.

Below, I’m hyping up eight Black fashion content creators on TikTok that are worth the follow. Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive listthere are a lot more talented, stylish creators out there. But in case you haven’t made it to fashion TikTok yet, these eight creators are great accounts to start with.

You thought having your 15 minutes-turned-one-hour  TikTok break was bad? Prepare for that one hour to turn into two or three, minimum. TikTok was already addictive before, but these content creators make me want to scroll forever. So go ahead, press Follow and prepare to take notes. You may lose hours out of your day to the app, but you’ll thank me later when your fashion game reaches a whole new level.

STYLECASTER | Black Fashion Creators TikTok

Courtesy of trendycurvy/Instagram.


With over 833k followers and 15.8 million likes, Kristine Thompson (better known as @trendycurvy) shares plenty of tips on feeling confident and looking good while doing it! While TikTok is a global phenomenon, it’s still not that common to come across body-positive content creators that truly excel at styling curvy bodies. If you’re seeking just that, go follow her account right now, because every video she creates is a celebration of our bodies and proof that fashion is for all.


STYLECASTER | Black Fashion Creators TikTok

Courtesy of femmeblk/Instagram.


Lydia Tsegay, otherwise known as @femmeblk, is a Swedish fashion influencer that excels at luxe minimalism. Seriously, everything she wears is IG-ready and fashion show-worthy. On her account, you’ll find her showing off different outfits she wears each week, along with styling tips and more. You can also follow her Instagram where you can get more details on her outfits (Spoiler alert, you’ll want to buy everything!).


STYLECASTER | Black Fashion Creators TikTok

Courtesy of pierrahh/Instagram.


Pierrah is the daily dose of fashion inspo you need in your life. On her account, @pierrah, you’ll find OOTD videos, styling tips and BTS peeks at her fashion content and photoshoots. You’ll also learn about tons of different Black-owned fashion brands and get your daily dose history by learning about Black influence in fashion and notable Black fashion icons. We love to see a creator use their platform to he uplift other Black creatives!


STYLECASTER | Black Fashion Creators TikTok

Courtesy of yaboiroobe/Instagram.


He brings all of our favorite TV characters to life right in front of our eyes. Literally! If you want to see outfits inspired from beloved classics like Danny Phantom, Adventure Time, Batman and even Looney Tunes, then @yaboiroobe is your guy. Of course, he also comes through with styling basic essentials, so go ahead and press that follow button right now.

STYLECASTER | Black Fashion Creators TikTok

Courtesy of yourcoilyness/Instagram.


An engineer turned content creator, @yourcoilyness is absolutely an instant follow. After her first video came up on my FYP, I was sold. I love how personal her OOTDs are, and she shares where to buy all the essentials every time. Her content is laid-back and relatable, so she’s the perfect source for daily inspiration.

STYLECASTER | Black Fashion Creators TikTok

Courtesy of definitelytai/Instagram.


To keep it short and sweet, @definitelytai is a complete vibe. His edits are flawless and his looks are killer. He makes a variety of content from documenting ‘fits to color combos to advice on styling your wardrobe. Regardless of what video you’re watching, you can count on Tai doing in a totally entertaining way.


STYLECASTER | Black Fashion Creators TikTok

Courtesy of estherxlinda/Instagram.


This London-based fashion influencer is the cool girl we all aspire to be. Her fashion sense is unmatched and her personal style is so original. If you’re looking for cool and edgy inspo, then look no further, because @estherxlinda has all the looks you need. Be prepared to binge her videos for hours—and to want to recreate literally every look she does. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


STYLECASTER | Black Fashion Creators TikTok

Courtesy of tomarthomas/Instagram.


Looking for inspiration for literally any event? Tomar Thomas is your go-to girl. From first dates to concerts to day parties, Tomar has outfit ideas for every situation. And as an added bonus, she provides tons of styling tips, so you know exactly what steps to take to put together the perfect ‘fit.


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