Meet Tiiny, a New App That Lets You Post Pics That Vanish in 24 Hours

tiiny app iphone photos disappear 24 hours

Another day, another new social network to obsess over. This weekend, we noticed the debut of Tiiny, a brand-new iPhone app that allows users to post photos and looping videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Tiiny’s similar to other ephemeral photo sharing apps like Snapchat, but—true to its name—the photos and videos users can share are thumbnail sized, and they can’t be enlarged.

tiiny app iphone photos disappear 24 hours

Why? Because if they’re too small to look pretty, it might encourage folks to chill out and have more fun without worrying so much about how they look, or how “perfect” the snap is, says the app’s founder Kevin Rose.

“When you have a small disposable photo you relax a little. All of a sudden, it’s not about applying filters or making sure you get the perfect pose, it’s about rapidly blasting out a handful of fun pics and videos instantaneously. Sharing those little moments in your life that get lost. Those moments that are silly, fleeting, imperfect. Those snippets of life that represent our unguarded, most expressive selves.”

It seems extremely simple to use: Simply tap the camera button to take a photo or tap and hold to take a (soundless) GIF up to five seconds, with both measuring 212 pixels x 212 pixels.

An interesting concept to be sure, and one that could be fun when you want to share silly selfies or funny videos but don’t necessarily want them to live on Instagram or other social networks for all eternity.

Tiiny is free, and available on the app store, so head over and check it out now!


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