5 Beyond-Cool Ways to Wear Tights Under Ripped Jeans This Winter

Meghan Blalock

Let’s be honest here, ladies: Winter can be boring. It’s too cold to go out and do fun things, so oftentimes you end up sitting at home binge-watching stuff on Netflix, and when it comes to your wardrobe: it’s all about puffy coats, heavy boots, and the color black. And before you know it, your entire winter season has become one giant snoozefest.

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Luckily, there are a couple ways to combat this. You can follow our genius guide to injecting more color into your winter wardrobe, or you can try a more badass plan of attack: pairing different kinds of tights under ripped jeans. Whether going with a classic pair of opaque black ones under a light wash, or taking a bolder approach by wearing a bright red or fuchsia pair under a darker wash.

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Read on for 5 beyond-cool ways to wear tights under ripped jeans this winter!

tights under jeans trends

Photo via Hanneli

1. Go classic with opaque black.

Here’s one way to wear tights under your ripped jeans that offers more by the way of practicality than overstated style. As Wonderland editor Julia Sarr Jamois illustrates here, wearing a solid black pair under a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans is an understated way to stay warm and look stylish when it’s cold out.

floral tights mandy bain

Photo via Mandy Bain

2. Make an edgier statement with black lace.

This one’s a look that speaks a little more to the rock band groupie aesthetic than to the chic editor-outside-fashion-week one. But that’s okay, and if that’s more your jam, give it a try. We would caution, though, against wearing these kinds of tights under jeans that have massive holes in them; they’re more appropriate for rocking under a modestly-ripped pair.

3. Be playful with leopard print.

Animal prints are pretty major this season, but since everyone is wearing them in more traditional ways–a boot, a bag, a coat–this is one way to sneak in the pattern more creatively. You’ll stand out of the crowd—in a good way.

style zen

Photo via Style Zen

4. Show your ladylike side with sheer black tights.

We love this look. By definition, you’re being a bit edgy by wearing ripped jeans in the first place, but throwing on a pair of sheer, dark tights underneath adds an element of ladylike-ness that the other iterations of this look don’t offer.

bold color chictopia

Photo via Chictopia

6. Rock a bold color.

And finally, there’s the most bold of our choices: rock a color. We love how the fuchsia of this gal’s tights picks up the pastel pinks and offsets the greens in her blouse. If pink’s not your thing, try any bright color: green, yellow, orange. If it picks up or complements other tones in your outfit, even better!