Awesome: Tiffany Features a Same-Sex Couple in New Engagement Campaign

This is really nice: Tiffany & Co. released a series of new ads for its classic engagement ring collection, and one features a same-sex couple. Progress, people!

Apparently, the men featured in the campaign—despite being incredibly handsome—aren’t models, but regular New Yorkers, which makes it even more special.

tiffany same sex couple engagement ring ad

Photo: Tiffany & Co

The campaign is called “Will You,” and honors the idea that love transcends age, race and gender—a sentiment most of us can surely get behind. Although it shouldn’t even be an issue, it’s obviously important—both socially and financially—for brands to diversify their target consumers, and paying attention to the LGBTQ community is key.

Check out the great ad above, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.