Tiffany & Co. To Launch Interactive Photo Gallery

Laurel Pinson

There’s no longer a reason to conceal your unrequited love! Tired of seeing your friends’ Facebookpages uploaded with snuggling photos that make you question your own relationship? Your chance to one up them is finally here.

This Wednesday Tiffany & Co. will launch “True Love in Pictures,” a site where users can upload photos of themselves with their main squeeze in conjunction with You’ll be able to get a leg up on the whole Valentine’s Day thing too, so you can really start making some of your best frenemies jealous.

Launching this fun little initiative, The Sartorialist’s ScottSchuman and his boo GaranceDor will curate the first installment of the gallery with photos inspired by their love — as if we weren’t green with envy already.

Go on and get your smoochy-photo groove on with your babe,download the app on iTunes, upload your photos, then tag them with the hashtag#truelovepictures.

With this swanky Valentine’s Day inspired gig going live next month, you can finally retort to all your friends who insist on PDA, even if it won’t make them stop. Ugh.