Your Ticket To Coachella: Stalking The Bands (Day 1)

Jessica Rubin

So you’re not at Coachella — does that mean you should miss out on all the fun? We don’t think so. And while the people, fashion and activities all make the festival great, at the end of the day Coachella is all about the music. This year’s lineup is full of some of our very favorite talent. Everyone from The Black Keys to Snoop Dogg is turning out for this year’s California-based extravaganza, and we don’t want you to miss a single beat.

And yes, while Coachella may just have kicked off, there’s already been quite a few noteworthy shows. So click through the slideshow above for some rock n’ roll worthy photos that will have you bopping along to your favorite song…even if it is from your living room.