#ThrowbackThursday: See Miley Cyrus in 1995 (Way Before She Was Half-Naked All the Time)

Spencer Cain


It’s hard not to get inspired by #ThrowbackThursday—the nostalgic viral hashtag that has Instagram and Twitter constantly posting old-school photos of, well, pretty much anything. That said, we’ve decided to contribute in our own small way by bringing you a quick throwback picture or video of one of our favorite fashion personalities or celebrities—way before they hit it big.

Miley Cyrus‘ journey to the top of the entertainment world has been a fascinating thing to watch. After landing a minor role in the film “Big Fish” back in 2003, the star—who turns 21 this Saturday, legal drinking age, not that she would care—to global fame thanks to a little Disney Channel show by the name of “Hannah Montana,” in which she starred as a teen pop star alongside her famous dad Billy Ray Cyrus.

Since then, she’s been a constant presence in the media, and we’ve all watched her forge a path from campy teen star to Hollywood A-lister, even attending this year’s Met Gala on the arm of Marc Jacobs—a big-time sign that she’s “made it” and here to stay.

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While her Southern charm is still firmly intact, Cyrus has undergone a serious image makeover as of late, which likely had a great deal to do with her incessant media presence. In addition to famously chopping off her once-long locks and rocking a punky bleached blonde ‘do that’s become her trademark in a matter of months, she’s also started to take some wild fashion risks, frequently wearing jumpsuits, crop tops, monokinis, and even a puzzling pair of half-jeans, half-sweatpants.

But back in 1995—long before she was involved with on-and-off-again fiancé Liam Hemsworth—she was a 3-year-old kid living in Nashville, and apparently had a penchant for coloring books. While we love everything about Cyrus these days, it’s hard not to miss how adorable she was!

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