#Throwback Thursday: Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst Threw the Ultimate Circus Bash

Leah Bourne

img090 #Throwback Thursday: Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst Threw the Ultimate Circus BashActress Marion Davies and her longtime boyfriend William Randolph Hearst really liked to party. Their soirees at the famous Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California and their Santa Monica beach pad were legendary, even in their own time. No party of the duos though had quite the last impact as the costume party they held 1937. Read on for the details!
Venue: The event was held at “Ocean House” or simply “The Beach House,” a spectacular 34 bedroom Georgian mansion on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California, that Hearst built specifically Davies, and which was considered the pinnacle of architectural opulence during Hollywood’s Golden Era. The 118-room seaside compound was dubbed the Versailles of Hollywood. The pool was 110 -feet long. There were 37 fireplaces, 55 bathrooms, three guest houses, a tennis court, gardens, and even a dog kennel.
The house cost a staggering$7 million when it was completed in the late 1920s, which is roughly $83 million in today’s dollars.
Guest List: Everyone from Joan Crawrford to Gloria Swanson to Howard Hughes to Clark Gable showed up to the 2,000 person bash. Bette Davis even showed up as a bearded circus performer. It truly doesn’t get any more A-list than that.
Theme: The party had a circus-theme, ad Davies had a full-size merry-go round borrowed from Warner Brothers set up on house’s tennis court. It was so large that a wall on the property had to be torn down and then reconstructed. Yes, we are thinking the same thing—if only we could time travel!
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