#Throwback Thursday: Elizabeth Taylor Spent Her 60th Birthday Partying with Disney Characters

Lorein Abenhaim

Elizabeth Taylor - 1992
Elizabeth Taylor, easily one of the biggest names in Hollywood history, was really just a kid at heart. Her playful persona went well with her glamorous lifestyle. Always being in the spotlight meant Taylor was quite comfortable with her enormous fan base and a not-so-private life.
After two Academy Awards and eight weddings under her belt, a few things were clear—Taylor was an incredible actress and the woman clearly knew how to host a proper bash. This deemed ever so true in February 1992, when Taylor celebrated her 60th birthday.
From the guest list to the venue, go inside the party that forever marked Taylor as a young soul.
Venue: Celebrating a birthday at Disneyland is any little kids dream. Well, turns out it was Taylor’s dream too—just at the age of 60. She rented out the entire park one night in February 1992, and by doing so she entered her 60s with plenty of youth. You have to give her credit for trying!
Guest List: Taylor was an iconic figure, so of course her 60th birthday party had a great turn out. Guests included the likes of Cindy Crawford, Stevie Wonder, Richard Gere, Gregory Peck, Jon Voight, Shirley MacLaine, Cheryl Tiegs, David Bowie, Tom Selleck, Joni Mitchell, Dionne Warwick, Geena Davis, and Henry Winkler.
Food: While Taylor was a complete diva, it wouldn’t make much sense to serve oysters and caviar at a theme park. Instead guests munched on pasta, turkey hot dogs, and other barbecued foods.
Fun Fact: Guests we’re driven to Fantasyland in vintage automobiles decorated completely in orchids.
Entertainment: Of course the many Disneyland characters roamed the park, as did jugglers and folk dancers, while guests danced to the tunes of a live band. Taylor may have been turning 60, but this party confirmed she was really just a kid at heart.
Cost: While Taylor kept the cost of the actual party under wraps, we do know it cost her $8,000 to rent out Disneyland for the night. Talk about a serious bargain for the land of dreams!