#Throwback Thursday: Atlantis Threw a $31 Million Party For Its Dubai Opening

Millie Stapleton

Firework Display - Grand Opening of Atlantis, The Palm
Back in 2008 the 7-star Dubai Atlantis hotel ignored the global financial crisis in the grandest way possible–by hosting one of the most lavish hotel openings in history. With a guest list that included business leaders and sports stars, the event was so exclusive that security even restricted a two mile exclusion zone around the man-made island. This is a party to put all others to shame.
The Venue: $1.5 billion was invested into building Atlantis The Palm Hotel & Resort in Dubai which captured the world’s attention because of its massive scale. This 7-star hotel, built on a custom made palm shaped island, houses 1,539 rooms that cost up to $35,000 a night. The resort also has the largest water park in the Middle East and an 11 million liter aquarium housing 65,000 fish and an enormous white shark.
The Guests: Over 2,000 guests attended the opening ceremony including Robert De Niro, Janet Jackson, Denzel Washington, Lindsay Lohan, Sir Richard Branson, the Olsens, Michael Jordan, and the Duchess of York. The event also included some of the world’s richest including Dubai- Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
The Food: According to sources, four Michelin star chefs were on hand to serve up the cuisine supported by 500 other chefs. The menu included a feast of lobster and Middle Eastern mezze dishes, which were washed down with endless amounts of Dom Pérignon.
The Entertainment: Pop sensation Kylie Minogue supplied the entertainment for a cool $2 million, and there was also a pyrotechnic display, which cost around $3 million. The fireworks were organized by the same team who choreographed the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics, but on an even bigger scale. The fireworks were of such magnitude that they could be seen from space.
The Cost: 4,000 lobsters, 500 chefs, 5,000 bottles of Dom, and 4,000 oysters added together is not going to come cheap. Add in the cost of 1,000 waiters, Kylie’s performance, and a firework display that could be seen from space and soon enough you’re writing a check for $31 million. Judging by the scale and success of the party, no one is regretting it!