#Throwback Thursday: Vanisha Mittal Got To Live Out Every Girl’s Fantasy and Get Married In a French Château

Lorein Abenhaim

0x600 1 #Throwback Thursday: Vanisha Mittal Got To Live Out Every Girls Fantasy and Get Married In a French ChâteauFor as long as anyone can remember, wedding celebrations have been a thing. Some couples throw a big bash at a fancy hotel, others take a last minute trip to Vegas and quickly seal the deal. Or if you’re Kim Kardashian you blow $10 million dollars and air it on a reality TV show (you win some, you lose some).
While many wealthy people splurge on first class weddings, none top the extravaganza hosted by Indian steel magnate, Lakshmi Mittal, for his daughter, Vanisha Mittal in 2004. Coming in 41st place on Forbes’ list of billionaires with a net wroth of $16.5 billion, it’s safe to say the man has money to spend. And trust us when we say he dropped a lot on this affair.
Venue: The five-day summer wedding began with an engagement party held at the Palace of Versailles. Yes, the historic French palace with vast gardens, the Hall of Mirrors, and the former home of Marie Antoinette. Mittal’s wedding was the first private function allowed at the palace since it became a tourist site (it reportedly took a year to get the necessary permits to make this happen). For the actual wedding ceremony, Lakshmi rented The Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, a baroque palace built in 1661, and one of the most important architectural examples of Louis XIV style in France.
Invitations: Brides spend a lot of time picking out their wedding invitations. On average, invitations include a few cards –one for events, another for directions, and so forth. It goes without saying that the Mittal’s are not your average wealthy family though. The bride sent out 20 page silver books, partly comprised of romantic poems, including a few written by one of her family members.
Guest List: Around 1,000 guests travelled from around the world to France for the wedding. They came from far and wide on twelve chartered Boeing jets and Mittal senior covered their accommodations at  five-star hotels in Paris. Celebrity faces included Indian movie stars Rani Mukherji and Saif Ali Khan.
Bride’s Grand Entrance: The bride arrived at the ceremony on a jeweled chariot and wearing a wedding gown by Vera Wang. A proper entrance fit for a princess.
Music: Imagine Pop star Kylie Minogue singing on a stage with fireworks and the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop. Romantic or cheesy? Perhaps a little of both.
Food: You would think being in France, a country known for its food, the Mittal’s would have been able to find a suitable chef in the country to cater the wedding. However, suitable wasn’t good enough. Instead, a top chef was flown in from India to cater the event. As for the alcohol, its rumored that guests drank five thousand bottles of Mouton-Rothschild wine over the whole event, costing Mittal around $1.5 million.
Fun Fact: To be completely comfortable for the occasion, Mittal built the couple their own special castle in Saint-Cloud, which is where they stayed during the wedding celebrations.
Cost: This five-day blow out was estimated to have cost Mittal between $60 million and $78 million. We know—insane. It even qualifies as the most expensive wedding ever in the Guinness Book of Records.