Thrift Store Treasure Hunt!


This past week or so has been such a tease. After drooling over images of clothing I couldn’t afford in fashion shows I didn’t attend, mother nature played games with my heart and threw a 60-degree day in right before she riled up the winds and dropped the temperature down to its usual 30-something. Needless to say, I have been desperate for some real fulfillment. Usually I keep my spirits up with the occasional small purchase, just so I don’t feel like my wardrobe is tired or boring.

Sadly, since moving back to New York I have been doling out most of my money to the folks at the good ol’ MTA. Gotta love that train fare… To beat the budget blues and still indulge in the much needed closet rejuvenation, I decided to spend my Saturday on a thrift store treasure hunt. As much as I love Manhattan, my idea of a thrift store is slightly thriftier than that of the over-crowded, over-shopped and overpriced venues in the city. So I ventured beyond the boundaries of the borough and into some lesser-known territory.

After digging through the racks and bins of other people’s rejected apparel, the work paid off and I ended the day with three overstuffed sacks of secondhand happiness. My wallet was about $200 lighter than when I started, but that is comparatively minor damage. There were a few things I wanted but didn’t find (who knew it would be so hard to find an infinity scarf or a pair of high-waist denim flares?) and a few things I found but hadn’t known I wanted (like a trio of vintage neon maxi dresses). That is the beauty of a thrift store though, isn’t it? I had a little fun when I got home and played dress-up in my new (new for me at least!) frugal fashions.