Thrift Store Shopping Secrets! SHHHH


Today was a glorious day. Big statement, I know, but today might have been my most lucrative day in thrifting… Ever! And by lucrative, I mean I managed to walk out of my favorite Salvation Army with three purl knit sweaters (one was so soft it could have passed for Alexander Wang), 22 bangles that could pass for this season’s Prada bangles and a super-sexy fox fur jacket all for under $50. SHAM-WOW!

Now, seeing that today was such a fantastic day for me, I decided to let the StyleCaster readers in on my thrifting secrets. You’re welcome in advance.

1. Make an effort to go early and go often. People are trying to get rid of their stuff everyday, not just the days you feel like going. And since the items are usually so inexpensive, people will not hesitate to buy leaving less goodies for you!

2. Approach things with an open mind. Just because an item you’re in love with is too big doesn’t mean you can’t get it tailored to fit your exact shape. Your tailor = your new BFF.

3.BE NICE. I’m serious just talk to the people who work at your favorite thrift shops and you will be shocked at how far it gets you. Most thrift stores are independently owned, so you could learn about special sale days, maybe even get a little discount. As ChiChi Riviera once said, “No one was ever too rich as to throw away a friend.” Don’t act like you didn’t see that movie.