How 5 StyleCaster Staffers Style Thrift Store Denim


A few weeks ago, I proposed an idea to a few members of the StyleCaster team: Hit a bunch of local thrift stores and find the coolest piece of denim you can—one that lines up with your personal style, one that works with other stuff you own, and one that’s as cheap as possible. (As I put it in my initial email: “NO fancy ‘vintage’ stores—straight-up thrift, like Salvation Army, Goodwill, church charity shops, whatever.”)

Selfishly, I was particularly excited for this challenge. Not only is my idea of a good time ransacking every used-clothing store I come across, but at work, we’re aways infusing our content with the idea that individuality is the key to style and how you wear things is more important than how much you spent on them. Sure, we’re all for releasing your inner sybarite from time to time—there’s nothing better than treating yourself to a piece by a designer you truly love, that you know you’re going to proudly use for years to come—but we’re also pro-accessibility in a big, big way.

Our editors–each of whom has a distinct style—were also psyched about this project, and they aced it like I knew they would. There weren’t any restrictions in terms of what the denim had to be: jeans, jackets, shorts, skirts, shirts—hell, even jean cowboy hats reminiscent of Justin Timberlake‘s Great Denim Incident of 2001 were fair game if someone found one. (Spoiler alert: No one did.)

Keep reading to see what we unearthed, how much we paid (every piece turned out to be under $20), and how we chose to style our finds—hopefully this will inspire you to hightail it to your local thrift store this weekend and find a few cool pieces that cost less than the brunch you probably had first.

And, if you haven’t read our other fantastic denim-related content that went up this week (tsk, tsk), why not do it now?

Photographer: Sunny Shokrae 
Stylist: Courtney Raniszewski
Makeup: Joanna Simkin 
Hair: Evanie for Bumble and Bumble

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