Three Signs Your Guy Friend Secretly Wants To Hit It

Ever had a crush on one of your friends? I have, and sure enough he had a crush on me too. Getting involved with a friend can be awesome. When it works out, you already know all the important things about each other. Your permanent best friend becomes your lover too. How can you beat that!? But if things don’t work out so well, your best friend can turn into someone you’ll never see again. So before you decide to take things to the next level with a BFF, make sure he’s sending you the right signals.

1. Pretty Princess
Guys aren’t like girls; they don’t notice everything you wear and constantly compliment your outfits, and believe it or not, your male friends could care less about the difference between Van Cleef and Van Halen. But if a guy likes you, he’ll start noticing everything about you. He’ll compliment you non-stop. So, if your friend is full of flattering phrases, maybe it’s time to take things to the next level.

2. Mr. Jealous
By nature, men aren’t insanely jealous people. Unlike women, they know how to be happy for you when you’re in a relationship. But, if your BFF starts questioning everyone you’re dating, perhaps it’s because HE really wants to be the one you’re dating.

3. Sexy Time
How many times a day do you think about sex? Take that number and multiply it by 1,000. That’s how many times guys think about sex during the day. Shocking right? Well it’s true. If your best male friend is constantly talking about sex in front of you (news flash!) then he probably wants to have sex with you! Instead of getting uncomfortable and really awkward, take it as a sign that he sees you as more than just a friend.

If you’re being sent all of these signals, you’re on your way to something exciting. So instead of convincing yourself that your BFF isn’t into you, embrace it and you could have an amazing relationship.

Carly Spindel is a writer and hopeless romantic. She is a world traveler who has lived in Paris and London. She resides in New York and is always on the go. She can usually be found at her favorite caf enjoying chocolate mousse while people watching, which is one of her favorite hobbies. Carly spends the rest of her time focusing on her five dearest past times: traveling, learning about different cultures, shopping, reading, and of course looking for Mr. Right.