For Three Blondes


I have a new favorite jewelry line. Three Blondes had it’s launch party a couple of nights ago in a lush, verdant SoHo backyard bedecked in softly lit lanterns and oriental fans. Neon-bright, playful cuffs were strewn across tables while long vintage necklaces were draped artfully across wire dress frames and trees. Cupcakes, peanut-butter-and-jelly mini-sandwiches, and little cups of tea were to be had, along with a spiced vodka concoction for the drinkers in attendance. “We haven’t slept,” admitted Summer Rej, one of the blonde designers.

It was well worth the effort. Not only was the party a perfectly lovely way to spend a late summer evening, the jewelry was unique, cheeky, and vibrant–a lot like the three girls themselves. The trio is made up of childhood best friends Summer Rej, Jennifer Meyers, and Kristy Rao, all of whom share a distinctively bold, individualistic sense of fashion. Together, they’ve created cuffs made of neon lace and velvet decorated with beads and bows–I’m wearing one in the pic above, taken with my friend Hari Kalyan. Along with their cuffs, they’re also introducing one-of-a-kind gold and silver necklaces with groups of quirky vintage and lucite charms hanging from the chains. And the sequin hair accessories are just the icing on the proverbial cupcake.

It’s only their first collection out and already, I can’t wait to see what the girls do next. Loving it.


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