Thoughts on Emma Watson’s Bottega Veneta Harry Potter Dress

Kerry Pieri

You know a dress needs to be discussed when people instantly have very strong reactions to it. When I spied Emma Watson‘s deep gold/copper dress for the New York premiere of the latest Harry Potter I thought the materials were oddly matched, as though the bodice were some kind of cheap muslin or burlap while the bottom was an over the top lavish silk. Also, that color doesn’t work for me, which is not to say that bodice wasn’t tailored perfectly to her. Overall, it’s very cover-of-a-romance-novel in not a good way.

The other girls in the office had this to say:

“I think it’s too old for her, like Helen Mirren could wear it.” -Andrea Uku

“I agree, it’s too old for her, but I love her makeup. I’m obsessed. The earrings, not so much.” – Rachel Adler

“To me, it looks like a dress form, where the designer finished the skirt but left the top.” -Alyssa Vingan

Creative Director Emily Finkbinder saw it quite differently, explaining, “The bodice is stunning and carefully constructed, which doesn’t match the bottom half, which looks carelessly applied and haphazardly thrown on the bodice.”

So…what did you think?

Photo: Sipa

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