This Video of Kids Reacting to Caitlyn Jenner Will Blow Your Mind

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The two photos the kids were shown. (Photos: SheKnows)

Whatever negative thoughts you’ve ever had about kids—they’re annoying, they’re wild, they don’t understand anything about the way the world works–scratch them, because they’ll 100% shift after watching this video.

Created by our parent company SheKnows, the two-minute clip shows what happened when a group of kids were shown two pictures: One of Bruce Jenner wearing full athletic gear, and one of Caitlyn Jenner in a red dress—and their reactions are pretty incredible.

“He’s running,” “He has strong arms,” and “track and field” were the words used to describe the photo of Bruce. Not incorrect, but not particularly introspective, either. However, when the kids were shown a pic of Caitlyn—long hair, red dress, in the driver’s seat of a car—they used words like “happy,” “calm,” “in charge,” “knows what she’s doing,” and “confident.”

They then were told that both photos are actually the same person, and the surprise on their faces is visible—but you also see them starting to think about a concept they’d never been presented with before. Their reactions? Eh, not such a big deal. “If that’s who she wants to be, that’s who she should be,” one kid said matter-of-factly.

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The kids were told that while plenty of people had really nice things to say about Caitlyn, others aren’t on board with her transition, and the look of shock and, in some cases, disgust on their faces were beyond genuine when hearing some offensive tweets written about the former Olympian. Afterward, one boy sagely said he thinks people are scared of change, and that “if you’re not yourself, who are you?” #ThatKidForPresident.

hatch cropped 5 This Video of Kids Reacting to Caitlyn Jenner Will Blow Your Mind

What’s really so captivating about this video is the unfiltered honesty with which these kids internalize and react to something that’s clearly brand-new for them, and how quickly they were able to recognize right from wrong. And, of course, how freely they were able to talk about embracing your own identity, even if it’s different from others.

For a serious lesson in empathy, check out the video below!