This Zendaya Joke On ‘This Is Us’ Was A Perfect Pop Culture Moment—LOL

Beth Pearson on This Is Us
Photo: NBC.

Season 4 of our favorite NBC series is already well underway, and last night’s episode, “Unhinged,” definitely delivered on the twists and drama that we’ve come to expect from Dan Fogelman’s creation. Yet it also featured the kind of casual comedy moment that we don’t always see on the show: This Is Us made a Zendaya Euphoria joke. Ok, what?! It isn’t often that we get these moments on television—and honestly, sometimes it can feel an awful lot like breaking the fourth wall—but last night’s episode knew how to execute it in the best way possible.

It was super subtle. It happened when Beth approached her daughters and asked for recap on their day. “Catch me up on your days,” she said, “I want to know everything.”

Lil baby girl Annie responded with, “My math teacher looks like Zendaya!” Cute!

But then Beth leaned over and asked the following: “Wait…cute Spider-Man Zendaya or HBO drugged out Zendaya?” Oh. I am deceased, done, cackling straight to the grave!

Honestly, I’m still getting over this particular brand of unadulterated mom SHADE that Beth delivers. It was perfection, yet quick and understated enough that only those who are well-versed in petty ways probably caught it. That, or, you’re definitely up to date on Zendaya’s latest performance in Euphoria as a drug-addicted teen, Rue, and you appreciated the well-placed reference.

Some fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to Beth’s line. Even Faithe C. Herman, the young actress who plays Annie, chimed in. “I am happy to have my math teacher looks like @Zendaya!!!! I’d say @SpiderManMovie Zendya bc I cant watch @euphoriaHBO too young #Zendaya #ThisIsUs,” she tweeted. Oh, sweet girl! It’s a relief to know little Faithe isn’t watching Euphoria, because if Euphoria‘s version of Zendaya is who her teacher looked like…yikes!

Hope you enjoy these memes that sure to continue rolling in. Thank you, Beth, for always having the jokes!