‘This Is Us’ Is Taking A Break After Tonight’s Episode—Here’s When We Can Expect It To Return

This Is Us
Photo: This Is Us | NBC.

Oh, the holidays! A time to bring families together, gift festive treats aplenty, and snatch our favorite TV series off the air. Wait—we’re not so sure we like that last one. Alas, it’s true even for NBC’s most beloved family drama; It’s precisely why we’ve gathered all the details we could find about This Is Us Season 4’s return date. Turns out, tonight’s episode is a mid-season finale, meaning that the series will be taking a break for the holidays (when viewership is historically at an all-time low—people still do spend time catching up with their families, after all!) What that means for diehard This Is Us fans, however, is that we’ll have to brave the cold winter months without the Pearson family by our sides—erm, on the TV from the comfort of our couches, I mean.

I know, I know. Winter is tough enough, and now This Is Us is telling us to let our hearts freeze over without their stories? Ok, not quite. If past seasons are any indication, we’ll have the Pearsons back far sooner than Spring’s first bloom. While NBC hasn’t released an official release date yet, we can likely expect the rest of Season 4 to air starting around mid-January. For example, Season 2 returned after it’s fall finale on January 9, 2018, whereas Season 3 returned on January 15, 2019. Fingers crossed that NBC will stick to its regularly scheduled programming!

For now, however, This Is Us fans are eagerly awaiting the results of this year’s mid-season finale. In true holiday spirits, the season is taking a break after another Thanksgiving episode, but this time, it’s hosted at Randall and family’s new home in Philadelphia. If past holiday episodes are any indication, we can expect things not to go so smoothly (but does any holiday dinner ever go smoothly? Asking for a friend.) The episode trailer suggests that this season’s ongoing troubles will weigh heavy on the night: Kevin is doing his best to usher uncle Nicky into the Pearson home, Kate and Toby are battling with baby Jack’s first flight, and Rebecca—the woman who holds this family together—is struggling with what’s looking like Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia. Will she make it to Thanksgiving dinner? We don’t know—and neither does her son, Randall.

Until tonight’s episode, the most we can do is try to parse out more clues from our recent interview with Eris Baker, who plays Tess on This Is Us. Of course, her and her family’s appearances tonight cannot come fast enough.

The mid-season finale of This Is Us Season 4 airs tonight, Tuesday Nov. 19 at 9PM ET/8PM C on NBC.