‘This Is Us’ Season 4 Casts a New Character & You Won’t Believe Who It Is

Mandy Moore
Photo: NBC.

With less than a week before the ‘This Is Us’ season premiere on September 24, 2019, fans of the Emmy award winning NBC television series are likely freaking out. And now they should get ready to freak out a little more over the news that ‘This Is Us’ season 4 delivers Rebecca’s father clues aplenty. As in, we’re all about to meet the second most important man in Rebecca’s life after Jack Pearson: Her father, Dave Malone. Who, honestly, we’ve known little to nothing about at this point. It begs a major question: Why was Rebecca’s father missing from the series after all these years?

It’s a question that ‘This Is Us’ creator Dan Fogelman is going to need to go to lengths to answer in the fourth season. After all, viewers have already met Rebecca’s mother, Janet Malone (Elizabeth Perkins) in earlier seasons of the series. We know that Rebecca doesn’t have the best relationship with her mom, who also happens to be a lowkey racist when it comes to her black adoptive grandson, Randall…This doesn’t leave us with much to expect from her husband, Rebecca’s father, who will be played by Tim Matheson of the longstanding NBC political drama, ‘The West Wing.’

Yet actress Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca Pearson in the series, has been teasing audiences with clues about her character’s fate and relationship to her father for a few weeks now. Moore has mentioned in interviews this summer that “Rebecca is a bit of a Daddy’s girl,” and that her father “plays a bigger role in Rebecca and Jack’s relationship moving forward.”

If this is the case, we can already start wondering what her father’s reaction to Jack was—did he approve? And if not, what did it mean for Daddy’s little girl to move in with Jack? It’s a boundary that many fathers face as their daughters grow up—and as is the situation for much of ‘This Is Us,’ audiences will be sure to empathize with this family hurdle. Let’s hope it’s a smooth one.