A ‘This Is Us’ Theory About Kevin & Cassidy Caught Us Totally Off Guard

Aramide Tinubu
This Is Us
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Whew, we’re only one episode in, and this show is already making us crumble emotionally. A This Is Us theory about Kevin and Cassidy has caught us so off guard that we’re going to obsess about it for days (or weeks) until the truth is finally out in the open. Before we get into the theory, let’s consider what we learned from the Season 4 premiere of This Is Us.

When the episode opened, we met Cassidy Sharp (Jennifer Morrison). When we’re first introduced to her, she’s a U.S. Marine in the Middle East on assignment. Even before things go haywire–it was clear that Cassidy was struggling to maintain a connection with her husband and young son. However, once she is discharged from the military, things get even worse.

Upon returning home–Cassidy is still haunted by the events of her service. As a result, she begins drinking heavily and remaining distant from her son and husband. Struggling to find work, Cassidy begins driving Uber. At rock bottom by the end of the episode, we watch as Cassidy pulls herself together and begins attending a group therapy session at Veterans Affairs.

However, her therapy session is interrupted when Nicky, the late Jack Pearson’s brother, throws a chair through the window of the therapy group. Cassidy is affected by the incident, but in the episode, we never hear her speak to Nicky or Kevin for that matter. In fact, Kevin is home in Los Angeles when he gets a phone call that his uncle has been arrested.

So where does this theory come in?

this is us s4 A This Is Us Theory About Kevin & Cassidy Caught Us Totally Off Guard

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Fans are convinced that Cassidy is Kevin’s future wife. Though Nicky has banned the Big 3 from his life, listing Kevin as his emergency contact means he wants to keep the window open. Also, Cassidy looked like she understood where Nicky was coming from. It would make sense that Cassidy and Kevin would connect. They are both recovering alcoholics who understand the plight of addiction, and they both genuinely care about family.

In the Season 3 finale we discovered that Kevin has a son and a beautiful house–could Cassidy be the mother of his son?

Only time will tell.