This Holiday Season, Say You Care With A Middleton Doll

Jessica Rubin

Gone are the days when Barbies and dolls implied innocent fun and cute collectors items. Now, these plastic creations are used to immortalize some of culture’s favorite personas, and no one, not even the Middleton sisters, is safe.

The American toy brand Herobuilders took it upon themselves to create “life-like” action figures of Kate and Pippa Middleton. Naturally, Pippa Middleton‘s doll is dressed in the bridesmaid gown that catapaulted the British royal-in-law to fame. Kate Middleton, being an heir to the throne, is honored with two different verions of her likeness, one clad in her Sarah Burton wedding gown and the other in a rose bridal gown designed by the masterminds at Herobuilders.

We must say that even for the Middleton-obsessed, these dolls are creepy and appear to be caricatures of the famed sisters more than legitimate attempts to replicate their classic good looks. But if you saw the pictures of the Middleton sisters gone plastic and were instantly inspired to purchase one for a friend (or yourself), you can scoop one up on the company’s website for $49.95 or, for the Alexander McQueen-ed Kate, $189.95.

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