5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Sochi Winter Olympics

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The 2014 Winter Olympics started on February 7, in Sochi, Russia, and even if you’ve been keeping up, odds are there are  plenty of things you don’t know about the Games. Here, we’re bringing you 11 things you didn’t know about the Olympics, all of which will surely make for good conversation while watching the games!

1. You’re not imagining it: The Winter Olympics aren’t as major as the Summer Olympics.
There are only 15 sports in the winter games, as opposed to 41 in the summer.

Freestyle Skiing - Winter Olympics Day 4

2. These are the most expensive Olympics in history, at around $51 billion—just a bit over Russia’s original $12 billion budget.
By comparison, the last Winter Olympics, in Vancouver, cost around $8 billion. There are plenty of factors to blame, including a higher cost of security after recent terror threats.

2014 Winter Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

3. There have never been more countries involved.
A total of 88 countries will be represented. Welcome to your first Olympics, Paraguay and Zimbabwe!


4. Size matters.
The biggest countries are sending the most athletes this year. The United States will send 230 athletes to Sochi, while Russia will have 225, and Canada will have 220. The next closest is Switzerland, at a mere 168.

2014 Winter Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

5. There are three mascots for these Olympics.
They were voted on by the Russian people, and are a polar bear, hare, and leopard.


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